The Staples

I wish I could get a facial once a month, but I don't always have the time nor the funds for this luxury. However, it's important to treat yourself, and your skin, every once in a while. Listed below are a few spas I discovered in New York where you can walk out with clean skin and a clear mind.


Heyday- I always turn to Heyday when I need a quick and simple facial. Their facials aren't too high tech, and are they aren't filled with chemicals either. This is a great place to start on your facial journey. Their extraction process isn’t too aggressive, so you can be sure you won’t turn out splotchy or irritated from their poking and prodding.

L'appartement Caudalie Spa- Getting a facial here is a grand treat - like, a big big BIG treat. The spa is designed to look like a sweet little apartment in the middle of Paris. These facials are mega brightening and sure to give you a noticeable glow. I went to a party after getting a facial here and at least three people asked me why my skin was gleaming. I couldn’t help but share the secret with them, and now I am sharing it with you!

Joanna Vargas- The Triple Crown facial is the big mama of all facials. If you have a major event and want to straight up flex with your face alone, this facial is your weapon. As stated in the name, there a three parts to this facial: Microdermabrasion, Micro Current and Oxygen. There are minimal to no extractions in the facial -  rather, you are paired up with high tech machinery that go ham on your skin, delivering next level results. This facial will tighten, tone, brighten and hydrate your skin like never before. I am not kidding, this facial is the ultimate. Keep in mind, it's a little pricey… but well worth the investment.