Nutrition by Bianca

Set up an appointment to call my nutrition hotline to speak to a real human, just like you, about our good friend food:)

Shoot me a text to set up a 20 minute time slot with me, 619-323-8334 <3


The reason I started a nutrition hotline was because I felt like we need answers. We eat three plus times a day, but yet we all feel so lost when it comes to fueling ourselves to get the best result: happiness. When I was trying to figure out my food formula growing up, I didn’t have anyone or anywhere to turn to help me find out what was truly healthiest. My family was always healthy, but I wanted more and the Internet sure wasn’t helping and nutritionists were so expensive. After eight years of my own research, experimentation, and nutrition schooling (one month until graduation!) , I now know healthy eating is not a destination, but a journey. I truly feel like my mission in life is to help anyone, like me, find what is best for them to feel good. So, here we are, a hotline open to any and all seeking some guidance or an ear when it comes to food. Send me a direct message on Instagram and we can set up a 20 minute phone call where you can ask me any nutrition related questions you have. I have feelings too, so don’t be shy:) My hotline is run on a donation basis because I believe it is everyone’s birthright to know what to eat to not only fuel themselves, but also their dreams, without the exclusivity of wellness today.